First Choice Accounting

We specialise in providing a range of services for Business, Companies, Individuals, Trusts, Partnerships and Super Funds.

Our team has many years’ experience assisting business owners in all aspects of business from accounting and taxation to ongoing management advice and growth achievement. We work with clients from a broad range of industries and can improve your knowledge and financial position by guiding you through the Australian business system.

“We develop strong and helpful relationships with our clients and proactively identify and help solve their problems, bringing clarity and order to their day-to-day business.

We respect all of our clients and at all times endeavour to treat all clients as we would want to be treated ourselves”.

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

We are members of the ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia) and are subject to strict ethical, quality and training regulations in order that the best service can be provided to clients.

A number of our team hold other qualifications such as RG146, and Xero Certification

The quality of our work is of a very high standard, and so we choose our team members and the people that we build referral relationships with very carefully.

Who we work with

Our clients fall in to the following main groups:

  • Business owners
  • Primary producers
  • Tradespeople
  • Working professionals
  • Not for Profit Organisations
  • Retirees who have accumulated wealth and wish to structure their affairs so as to be effective for tax and estate planning.

Our ideal client will see us as their most trusted advisor and will treat the advice that we give as being important and worthy of their time.

Sometimes our ideal client will need services in addition to our core services. They may for example need legal or financial planning advice. In these situations we are able to make referrals to other professionals who have proven skills in other disciplines including legal, financial planning, marketing to name just a few.

For all of these people we provide high-level Taxation and other services in accordance with our mission statement.