Most people will think about and place a great importance on Superannuation and Retirement at some stage in their life.

The regulations and legislation governing these areas is extensive for a good reason – your lifestyle beyond work may be entirely dependent on what decisions you make and actions you take in these areas now. You need to get it right.

Our view is that to get it right you will need taxation advice as well as financial advice.

We believe that taxation and retirement planning go hand in hand and require collaboration between a tax advisor and a financial advisor.

The financial advice must be provided by an appropriately qualified and licensed advisor. We can provide a referral to a licensed advisor if required.

“From a business point of view Nick and his team have helped me earn as well as save more money than what they cost me and that makes the whole thing a no brainer working together”

Grant H.
Blended Home Loans

Together, we can deal with the myriad of issues and questions that often arise, such as:

  • Accumulation phase or Pension Phase
  • Income Tax for SMSFs
  • Capital Gains Tax for SMSFs
  • Can I contribute to a SMSF? How much?
  • What is my SMSF allowed to buy? Can it buy a property? Can it buy gold?
  • My fund receives franked dividends – how are they treated and taxed?
  • When can I access my balance?
  • What is a transfer cap balance? Do I have one? How does it affect me?
  • The rules have changed, how will that affect me?
  • Do I need an auditor for my SMSF?
  • Do I need to get an actuaries certificate for my SMSF?
  • What are my responsibilities as a Trustee?
  • What happens to my super if I die?

We have extensive experience in providing taxation advice and assistance in respect to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.