Help me increase my profits

It’s a rare thing to meet a business owner who says “I’m making enough money. After I pay my income tax and BAS obligations I’m happy with the cash my business generates for me”.

We love working with clients to improve the financial performance of the business.

Profits are the result of income less expenses. Income and expenses are the result of decisions you make and actions you take.

Our profit improvement plan

When working on a “Profit Improvement Program” with our clients we purposefully and systematically consider the following;

  • Goals and targets of the business
  • Systems used to generate income
  • Pricing and product lines
  • Appropriate margins
  • Who are the customers? How often do they buy? How much do they spend each time they buy?
  • Competitive advantages of your business
  • Sales strategies that will work best
  • Expense Reviews
  • Receivables process
  • Payables process
  • Cashflow cycle of your business and how to improve it
  • Bottom line – what actions need to be taken on these “above the line” inputs to improve your bottom line

“From a business point of view Nick and his team have helped me earn as well as save more money than what they cost me and that makes the whole thing a no-brainer working together”

Grant H.
Blended Home Loans