Do you need help getting the ATO off your back?

We have had much success with helping business owners and individuals through difficult times.

Being in business can be demanding. As a business owner you have to manage relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and government bodies.

It quite often falls upon you to make sure procedures and processes are in place in respect to not only running the business but also administering it.

You are responsible for everything that happens within the business and sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

  • Perhaps you are behind in your tax lodgements
  • Maybe you owe the ATO for your last BAS or Income Tax Return (or multiple returns)
  • Have the ATO hit you with interest and penalties that seem unfair or high?
  • Maybe you are struggling to find time to stay on top of the paperwork?
  • Maybe it’s tight cash flow that stops you from wanting to lodge for fear of the repercussions if you lodge but don’t pay immediately?
  • Have the ATO sent you a scary letter? Are they calling you and adding to your stress?

At First Choice Accounting, we are driven to assist clients get the perfect balance of work life and home life.

We aim to help reduce your stress associated with these issues.

As your appointed tax agents, the ATO would normally contact us with any lodgement or tax debt issues before they contact you directly. We can work with you to develop a plan to get you back on track and would communicate that plan with the ATO.

We have had success in:

  • Negotiating repayment plans with the ATO
  • Reversing interest imposed by the ATO on late payments of amounts due
  • Reversing penalties imposed by the ATO in respect to late lodgement
  • Assisting clients dealing with ATO queries in respect to tax or BAS issues
  • Getting multiple returns and activity statements prepared and lodged within tight ATO deadlines